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"Evolve 2012 means - the voice of this generation, transcending the past, stepping forward to lead." Craig Schley


Evolve 2012






























  • Sustainable Job Creation

by using new technologies, investing in infrastructure, small businesses, and the arts and human resources to create jobs beyond the time-span of a construction site

  • Support Low-Income Housing

by securing funding for housing to support our senior citizens, veterans, residents and especially those who have special needs for secure and stable rent

  • Stabilize Neighborhood Businesses

by providing funding to mom-and-pop stores, non-profits, and neighborhood pre-K centers that develop our children's intellectual and cultural well-being

  • Educate All Children

by (1) supporting and fixing public education, (2) expanding the facilities to accommodate population growth, and (3) diversifying education letting charter schools grow organically

  • Reform Criminal & Family Courts

by passing local and national legislation for fair sentencing, ending abusive police practices, and securing that our children, from birth, have equal access to both parents








































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